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The Tahoe Citizen Science App was developed by the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC). UC Davis TERC is a global leader in research, education, and public outreach on lakes. TERC provides critical scientific information to help understand, restore, and sustain the Lake Tahoe Basin and other systems worldwide.

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The Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) leads research on the water quality, physical processes and ecology of Lake Tahoe and its watershed. Based on over half a century of lake monitoring and research combined with a network of real-time sensors, Lake Tahoe is offering new understanding of how our precious freshwater ecosystems are responding to change.

Our education and outreach programs bring this research to the public through the Tahoe Science Center and special events. TERC’s findings and methods are used to support policy decisions at Lake Tahoe and to aid research efforts at other lakes around the world. TERC is internationally recognized for its multidisciplinary, collaborative research on lakes and their surrounding watersheds. Formed in 2004, TERC continues and expands on the work previously conducted by the Tahoe Research Group (TRG).